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Beginners Wildlife Photography sessions


One on One Training

Do you understand your histogram? Know how to get the right exposure? If not I can help.

You might simply want advice on gear or help getting close to wildlife in which case a 2 hours beginners wildlife photography workshop is just for you.

Each session is tailored for you but will generally involve running though the basics before attempting some real wildlife photography.

Price £50 for 2 hours, £75 for two people

Review By Mike Bidgood

I took part in a short (2 hour) practical class on wildlife photography with Ian at Newburgh on the Ythan Estuary in June 2015. I’m not exactly a complete novice photographer, but I am very new to digital shooting and wildlife work. Within only a few minutes Ian had pointed out a very useful feature on my camera (the "histogram") for helping to adjust and correct exposure that I’d never even noticed before! After a necessarily quick but very effective chat about prioritising and balancing the camera's ISO speed, aperture and shutter speed, Ian, Gareth (another participant) and myself adjourned to the beach. Borrowing Ian’s 100-400mm zoom, we photographed sand martin returning to their burrows. Spotting some dunlin and turnstone on the shoreline we all indulged in a bit of photography “commando style” (no, not the missing underwear kind) by attempting to creep as close to the birds as possible – not easy over some hard shingle – for that all-important “low-angle” shot. Gareth managed to get within 2 metres of a ringed plover which shows that with some birds you don’t always need to hang back and use a mighty telephoto lens. Finally we photographed some eider duck on the estuary and a large group of common seals that were beached near the estuary mouth, some distance away.

Ian’s tuition style, technical know-how and knowledge of the wildlife was very good and I felt that in a short period of time I learned a great deal. A full "day out" with him would be an excellent experience.