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Scottish Wildlife Greetings Cards

Please let me introduce you to my range of Scottish Wildlife Greetings Cards. It is in my nature to hate waste, from littering to over packaging I always try to do my bit. As part of this philosophy I have always seen the back of greetings cards as a bit of a waste. Why just have a blank bit of Card? Why have the same image as on the front, just smaller?

With this in mind I have produced a range of cards with a big image on the front and a story on the back together with a second complementary image.

Each card is A5 (210mm by 150mm) and it is printed in the UK on high quality 280gsm FSC approved card. This gives you loads of room for your message, whilst not incurring additional postage costs.

Cards can be bought directly for £2.50 plus 80p postage and packing.

Lastly, I have to say that the website does not do these cards justice and they really have to be seen first hand to appreciate the quality.

If you are interested in stocking these cards or simply buying one for a friend or family please get in touch.

Cards are already in stock at:-

GC1 Winter Red
GC2 Autumn Hare
GC3 Capercaillie
GC4 The Curious Hind
GC5 Autumn Red
GC6 Aberdeen Dolphin
GC7 Puffin
GC8 Gannet
GC9 Roe Buck
GC10 Formation Wading
GC12 Ready to Run
GC13 Hedgehog
GC15 Spring Swan
GC16 Rabbit
GC17 Gardeners Friend
GC18 Dawn Seal
GC20 Pine Marten
gc23 bluebell 2 of 1
gc24 highland cow 1 of 1
gc25 otter 1 of 1
gc27 waxwing 2 of 1
gc28 woody 1 of 1
gc29 mandarin 1 of 1
CG30 Foxy
GC31Snowy Cow
GC32 Moorland Red and Purple
GC33 Stag in Velvet
GC34 Snowy Grouse
GC35 Ruble in the Glen 2