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Profile - UpBeat Magazine

I have just seen a 'my profile' in the Aberdeen Airports UpBeat Magazine, have a look at page 10.

Energetica Walking and Wildlife Guide

If you are interested in the coast between Aberdeen and Peterhead I have written a Wildlife and Walking guide and supplied 90% of the images.

The Guide covers great sites for Puffins, Seals and even an evening walk for businessmen between the Aberdeen Exhibition Centre and the centre of Aberdeen

BBC Wildlife - Tales From the Bush

I received the Spring 2014 BBC Wildlife and who should be on the back page but yours truly. This is the first time that I have had anything published in BBC Wildlife so I am naturally thrilled. The piece is based on my efforts to photograph Capercaillie and the discovery of some very strange behaviour.

Everyone knows about the mad exploits of Rouge Male Capercaillie that chase people around the forest. Less well known are the females that are now seeking human company now that the last males have died out from much of Scotland.

I did think long and hard before submitting the article, being worried that other photographers might descend on the bird          en-mass causing disturbance. However I feel that this is a sad tale that needed telling.

I hope you enjoy the article. But please don't ask where the bird is, I will not be telling.


Stall at Tannadice School 28 March 2014

I will have a small stall at Tannadice School open day on the 28th of March, if in the area please come and say hello.


Exhibition - Montrose Basin Wildlife Centre

I currently have an exhibition of photos at the SWT Montrose basin wildlife centre. This is a great place to visit especially for children who will have lots to see and do.