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Let it Snow

It's fair to say we've had some weather recently, gales, rain and now snow. In terms of the latter, I have to say it was great, made up for the almost total lack of snow last winter.

However, this snow seemed to have stirred one bird into action, a quick drive up my favourite wee glen produced good numbers of Red Grouse obviously starting to defend their patch. Once Red Grouse get started they really put in the hours. On many a night I've heard displaying Red Grouse long before the Black Grouse appear. 

At the time this was taken the road up the glen was a bit white and snow socks were needed for the car at one point.

However one day of heavy rain latter things look very different. I am 95% sure this is the same individual grouse that was in the first photo.

I am very pleased with this image as it shows some of the landscape and the lonely road heading up the glen can just be seen, slightly annoyed by the burnt heather though.