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Got Carter!!

Ok, I have to admit that whilst my lust for photography has not waned, my opportunity has, my second son arrived in August and has taken up all my time.

However my opportunity for wildlife watching is still surprisingly good, in fact I get to watch dolphins most days. Sometimes three times as day, once on the way to work, once at lunchtime and then on the way home.

Last week I had a go at getting some photos of a couple of the dolphins that were feeding under the Harbour Control Tower.

Whilst I aim to improve on the photos in the future, I was surprised how much detail was present  and tweeted the shot below. This was spotted by Charlie Phillips of WDCS who quickly identified the dolphin from the nicks and scratches on the dorsal fin. He is Carter, a male that was first photographed near Aberdeen in March 2000. Since then he has been photographed and identified 23 times including by me in March 2008.

Amazing what you can find out from a photo taken in a lunch break.

And now for a real close crop. The 5D mk11 is a stunning camera and anyone who thinks the 100-400 IS is not sharp should think again.