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Red in White

February 2012 looked like this -

 This year

So I spent much of the month photographing these:



With the setup the same as before the snow made a fantastic addition to the image, however these are still fast moving little gits so never easy, however i did get a few good images.


However the real surprise came on a trip along an icy road near to my home with my son. Hanging in a bush was something that looked like a coconut on a fluffy string, as we slowly drove closer it moved and with some shock i realised what it was - a red squirrel whose tail had been caught on the thorns of a rose bush!

I am happy to say that I left the camera and went to attempt a rescue, I am even happier to say it freed itself before I had worked out how to set it free, without testing the sharpness of a set of teeth on an animal that can quickly bite though a hazelnut. Over the fields the Squirrel sped leaving me to wonder why it was hanging from a bush like a Christmas decoration a long way from any woods.

A couple of days later I had my answer, the local reds where feeding extensively on rosehips, I have never heard of or seen this before and I guess that it was due to the very harsh and prolonged winter. Every trip on this road produced a number of sightings but only once in a place where I could get any photos.

As any forager will know the Reds had certainly found a good source of Vitamin C, but how they delt with the school boy itching power I'm not sure.