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Urban Dolphins

Some places are gifted with good wildlife, some with fantastic landscapes and  some are just financially rich. Aberdeen has all this and then more.

I started working in Aberdeen 12 years ago staying in B&Bs or making a very long commute by train. One day whilst sitting on the train as it passed Stonehaven I looked out to sea and saw a group of dolphins, I nearly pulled the emergency cord, this was just not normal, how wrong I was. Now working close to the harbour I see dolphins most days. Often on my way to work, on my way home and regularly at lunch time, well it is hard to eat at your desk when one of the greatest shows on earth is just outside.

 This year

A typical Aberdeen view



Dolphins come to Aberdeen for food, as the channel of the harbour is also the River Dee, so all the salmon and sea trout for this mighty river face a bottleneck.



During the summer I managed to get on the water to gather photo id shots for the Seawatch Foundation. Oh and some nice photos as well.

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