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Merlin - A nice bit of luck

Yesterday my policy of always having the camera within reach paid off. I was driving between meetings along the side of Aberdeen harbour when i noticed a small falcon by the side of the road. I drove passed, did a U turn, opened the window, reached for the camera and to my surprise it stayed put for long enough for me to take 3 shots.

The ISO was a bit high - ISO 800 giving a shutter speed of 1/6400 at f5.6. but who cares. Given another couple of minutes some wide shots would have looked great with a cityscape in the background, as it is the band across the screen is the north breakwater.

Merlin are tiny falcons that are usually seen on moors where they hunt Larks and Pipits however in the winter they move to the coast to feed on Waders, in fact the sight of a large flock of Dunlin acting as one to try and avoid one of the pint sized assassins over the Tay Estuary is one of the greatest wildlife moments of my life so far.

Next I need to find a Buzzard that stays put when I stop the car!!