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Autumn Reds 

A neighbour recently told me that a Red Squirrel had run down the road and into my garden, now I know that living in rural Angus this should be normal, they are quite common in woods only 1 mile from my house however this is the first time in 12 years we have had such a visit.

The best place for squirrels locally is a wood in a town close to my home where feeding by local residents and by dog walkers has produced good numbers of tameish squirrels, they have a commuting route between the woods and the gardens where well placed bait, monkey or hazel nut can produce good results.

I have tried to photograph Reds here before without much success other than a standard shot of the Squirrel eating nuts whilst sitting in their classic pose -- dull. This time I wanted something a bit more active and different so I found a low viewpoint sat in a ditch then started taking lots of dull photos with the odd interesting shot like the one below when the squirrel wondered why the big fella is sat down there. 



After checking me out he then decided to investigate further coming a little closer. This became a standard pattern with squirrel after squirrel coming to have a look and from time to time crossing the ditch to get even closer, however lack of light resulted in ISO figures of 2000 and shots being taken at 1/100th or slower, 95% binned as only the shots where the squirrel hesitated as the shutter fired looking anything like sharp. 


On my next visit I decided to move away from the site where feeding had obviously been taking place with a view to getting more light, however then the clouds moved in a little and the squirrels were a little less tame, after 40 minutes of tree top abuse from squirrels surprised to see me laying in the leaf litter, they came to investigate. The cutie below even had a sniff of my lens!  


Finally I decided that I had to try something to incorporate the stunning Autumn leaves that have been wonderful this year, so it was back to sitting in the ditch. 


I have to say that I love the water colour like look of the above picture. It is not quite as sharp as I would normally like due to ISO1600 and 1/50th handheld (man I love Image Stabilising Lenses and modern cameras) but this adds to the image in my view. However my favourite squirrel image is the one below and yes I know it is in the standard boring pose!! 





After deciding ahhh