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Garden Bird

Some birds are magnificent, some are cute and some stunning, then there are Pigeons.

To many people they are pests and even worse they are now pests in the garden that hog the bird table forcing smaller birds away from the food and eating seeds and seedlings that have been planted in the flower bed.

However in the right light they can look, well quite good and given a back drop of flowers in a bright border and I have my image of the month. This image was taken at the wonderful Sewerby Hall on the outskirts of Bridlington in Yorkshire whilst visiting family. Perched on a picnic table this bird allowed a surprisingly close approach meaning that the main issue was the background. Many, well almost all photographers love a diffuse neutral background, I find them dull so wanted to get the colour of the wonderful flower border to give a sense of place.

Hope you like it, even if you don't I would love to get your views via the contact page.  


All the best