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Viking Invaders

This year has seen a couple of invasions. The first is a classic bird of Aberdeen, the Waxwing is a stunning bird that can be seen by the thousand in winter some years and can be totally absent in others. In summer they are insect eaters of the northern Scandinavian forests but in winter they are suburban berry munchers.

As a photographer they are a problem, they tend to spend their time in housing estates and outside primary schools. Large cameras and lenses in either location could result in a long talk with the Police. This Bird was seen in an industrial estate in Montrose and is one of only 4 images I managed before they flew away.

Waxwings are very cautious-ish. They are popular with sparrowhawks so spend much of the time perched on the top of a tall trees. After a while they will make a dash down to the berries for a short feed before flying back to the safety of the tree tops. Strangely when ever I am trying to photograph Waxwings they always seam to fly down to the berries when someone has decided to come over and have a chat! 

 This year


Whilst the invasion of Waxwings has made the news a second invasion has gone unnoticed. Bamblings are also birds of the far north, this year they have been common in gardens in my village as well as flocks of up to 150 in local farmland.