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I became obsessed with Birds aged 7 thanks to the classic book 'I-Spy Birds'. This love has stayed with me and has been complemented by photography.

Initially I started taking Landscapes with a classic Yashica 124G twin reflex medium format camera and Fuji Velvia film. It was not until 2007 that finance and the advent of digital technology meant that I could focus on Wildlife.

Both interests have proved useful to my work with the East Grampian Coastal Partnership.

I live in the beautiful Angus Glens in Eastern Scotland with my wife and 7 and 2 Year old sons whose interest and support I really appreciate

Why Creative Wildlife

Creative wildlife may seam a bit grand for a reasonably new photographer however it serves both as a statement of intent and a reminder to myself that I should not just be taking the classic image with only the subject in focus, OK like the one on the left.

I aim to tell the full story and capture the spirit of the subject in its own environment.

I also aim to make my photos useful and have provided a few example of how some of my Wildlife images can be 'put to work'.


Most of the images are taken with a Canon 7D mk2 and a 5D mk2 combined with a 24-105, 100-400 and 300 2.8 IS lens.